Get a professional review of your brand and an immediate optimisation

Visual Branding audit

Do you need targeted help for how to optimise visual communication with your potential customers as a newly established brand? Perhaps you are an established brand, but feel as though your visual identity is moving in many different directions? Or are you unsure whether your brand reflects the same amount of professionalism as your product?

Regardless of whether you find yourself in one or the other of these situations, then your visual framework can help you to get closer to your recipient. Your entire visual identity, including your photos, makes up the customer’s first-hand impression of you and everything they see can impact their purchasing decisions.

A Visual Branding Audit is a review of your visual identity, where I offer specific feedback and opportunities for improvement. The result gives you guidelines for how to get your visual framework aligned with your brand.

Prior to our meeting, I’ll ask you to fill out an in-depth questionnaire, as well as attach links to your website, social media accounts and other material you would like me to review (e.g. tender material, invoices, business card). I will review everything I receive and then provide you with specific feedback and advice in a 40-minute online meeting on Google Meet.


The offer includes:

– Pre-questionnaire

– 1:1 online call lasting 40 minutes

– Follow-up document with suggestions for improvements, which you can begin working on immediately

Your investment is 239€

ex. VAT

If your business is VAT-registered, please write your VAT number in the comments field when you book your meeting. If you are not VAT-registered, 21% Spanish VAT will be added.

NOTE! Design work is NOT included in this offer. This is a consultancy conversation plus follow-up document to help you move forward on your own.

“The recommendations were really specific and easy to implement.”

“Christina helped me to get the visual branding across my website and social media looking much more professional and uniform. And, most important of all, it now feels more like me and the signal I want to send my customers. The recommendations were really specific and easy to implement.”

– Michelle Rødgaard-Jessen