Design templates for Canva that align with your brand, impress your customers and make your work easier

Can you relate to the following: You have a website you are happy with. You have your logo and your color palette, yet you think your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram look homemade, or at least not as professional as you’d like them to be.

And you’ve spent SO many hours to make a good design. Pure frustration! Fortunately, there is help available…

What you need are design templates for Canva. Templates designed exactly for your company, with your color codes and with a design that align with your company’s visual communication. A design that will make your brand recognizable across Social Media.

I can make those templates for you, and they can be delivered together with a brand manual for digital use, so you can always return to it, or share it with other colleagues who also have to work with the company’s Social Media.

Do like Akademikerbladet, Storytelling Akademiet and All About Balance, who have designed templates in Canva, and now easily share their message on Social Media with visual frames that reflect their brand:

Storytelling Akademiet

Podcast covers til Storytelling Akademiet

Design of templates for the launch of Helle Rosendahl’s podcast “Bag Kulissen”. Templates for Apple podcast, email, LinkedIn and Instagram with audio snippets and subtitles. All based on the existing brand universe.


Canva skabeloner

Templates for Facebook and LinkedIn posts with a clear alignment to Akademikerbladet’s website. Supplied with a brand book with explanations for the use of the material, so it is easy to use for everyone.

All About Balance

Canva skabelon All About Balance

Templates for Instagram & Facebook in connection with professional informative postings, and to communicate spontaneous free spots in the calendar. The design is made in line with the website and e-book.

Preparation of templates for Social Media starts from €549 ex VAT for 5 templates that can subsequently be adapted to different postings

The above is based on you having the fonts, logo and color codes ready. If you don’t have these elements, then you need a Visual Identity first. The price varies according to the complexity of the task and depending on whether a brand book with guidelines for digital use must also be prepared.