Strengthen your brand and make it recognisable with a visual identity

Your visual identity forms the basis for your company’s visual branding. It is the base of the pyramid and consists of colours, logos, and typography, as well as any graphic elements. We use these to determine the direction for our photo sessions, website, and all the other material.

This is where we start if your company needs to be completely relaunched or if you are just starting up. The foundations must be in place before we can reach the top of the pyramid.

We develop your visual identity together based on your company’s values, mission, and target group. If you’re a personal brand, then it’s important that it feels like you, so here we work on bringing out your strengths to position you solidly as a brand.

The finished work is delivered to you as a brand kit, with guidance on how you can use your colour codes, logos, brand stamp, etc. both online and offline.

As an extension of this visual identity, I recommend a branding photo session, where we complete your visual journey with photo material you can use on your website, social media, marketing emails, and in campaigns.

How we work with your visual identity:


Preliminary work

I need to get to know your company in order to develop a brand identity for you. Which is why I’ll ask you to start by answering an in-depth questionnaire on everything from values and mission to colour preferences. If you are in any doubt about anything at all, then we’ll go over it together. You are never alone in the process.



Based on the questionnaire I design a moodboard that forms the framework for the future design. The moodboard represents the vibe, colours and textures that we will work with. We will go over the moodboard together in a Zoom call.


Design work

Based on the moodboard and our conversation, we start on the design work. I design three different logo concepts for you, where you choose your favourite for me to work further on. Then I make your brand stamp, colour palette and select your preferred typography/font, all of which you get as a complete draft to review.


Final details

Based on your feedback, I make some final adjustments and tweaks and voilá: your new visual identity is ready. This is supplied to you as a complete brand kit, where you have all the necessary information you’ll need to start using your new material.

Prices for preparing a new visual identity start at €1,595 excl. VAT

This includes all the processes described above: Design of a primary logo, design of a brand stamp, choice of typography, colour palette, and two editing rounds. The logo files are supplied in different formats for both online use and print. All material is supplied with a brand manual with guidelines for how to use your material. The design of a secondary logo and graphic elements can be purchased additionally.

Brands that have invested in a personal visual identity:


DATA JUGGLER styleboard

Visual identity


Container Casa

Container Casa Styleboard

Visual identity

Art direction of photoshoot


Hande Bertelsen

Hande Bertelse Style board

Visual identity

Art Direction of photoshoot


“Christina quickly took what was in my head and brought it to life”

… Each time I opened a document she created I would gasp with how well she interpreted my input and created something stunning. Her expertise, professionalism, and clear process made the collaboration a pleasure. When the work was completed, she asked for feedback to improve her services and I truly couldn’t think of a single thing. Highly recommend!

– Sherry Danner

Job: Visual Identity for Nurtured Light

(NB! The identity isn’t put into use yet – there is a new webdesign based on the identitty under construction)

Brands that have elevated their visual branding via individual design tasks:

Planet Motherhood

Visual identity

Design of e-books

Design of newsletter

All About Balance

Design of e-book

Design of  graphics for Social Media

Stine Caspersen

E-book layout

Design of e-book templates

All jobs are different, so contact me for a quote for individual design tasks