You are busy, and you need your visual material to always be updated and streamlined…

… That’s why you hire me for an ongoing collaboration. I will make sure that your marketing material is always ready when you need it. I will ensure that your presentations are visual treats for your audience, so they’ll admire how you manage to both have an important message and a coherent visual style.

Does it sound good?

Then the ongoing collaboration is the right thing for you.

I offer two subscription packages, which will ensure that your message gets out to the world, without you spending time on fine-tuning colors, fonts and coming up with new ideas for your visual framework (you are busy with your core competencies, after all!).

In addition to hands-on help that will make your eternal to-do list shorter, you will get ongoing support on how to develop your visual framework, so that we constantly optimise your messaging. 

I will be your visual wing-woman, and when we meet online, I am 99% sure that you will tell me how X customer has complimented your virtual background or noticed how beautiful your proposals have become – because I know from experience that such things are noticed 😉

Packages for you who want to free up more time and “wow” your customers:

Your foundation

10 hours a month
1000/month ex VAT
  • Save 20% on my hourly rate
  • 3-month commitment
  • 1-month notice
  • You need help keeping a consistent visual direction
  • This package is typically divided into 1 hour of online support + 5 hours of hands-on work
  • You have some time to do your visuals yourself, but you need someone to set the structure and design the templates
  • You have a solid product/service, but not the time/ability to create the visual framework that must be used to communicate the value

Tasks I typically help subscription customers with:


  • Creating a visual strategy and using it as the guideline
  • Design and maintenance of course material, proposals, and portfolios
  • Setting up e-mails/designing templates
  • Design of SoMe graphics
  • Design of freebies / e-books
  • Re-design of visual identity and launching
  • Design of marketing material for events
  • General maintenance and streamlining of websites
  • Photoshoot support, so we ensure that you come home with usable material and not 10 portrait photos the next time you hire a photographer
  • Design support on furnishing your office space so it reflects you and your brand